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Personalized career-path

The Novozymes International Finance Graduate program is tailored to each graduate. Read here about how this flexibility has resulted in individual key take-aways for our current graduates in their different rotations.

''Coming straight out of the University, the graduate program has been a great start to my career. Being able to try different fields of finance by working with exciting and challenging projects across the entire organization, has led me to firmly believe that this is the perfect way to start my career at Novozymes"


Carl Ahlgren, Investor Relations Manager & former graduate

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Torstein Gude

Class of 2017

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Marie-Louise Søgaard

Class of 2018

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Peter Jensen

Class of 2018

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Nikolaj Fabricius Stryhn

Class of 2019

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Nadja Schwabach

Class of 2019

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Kevin Chen

Class of 2019

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⦿ Torstein ⦿

4 Months

1st Rotation

Agriculture and Biofuel

During my first rotation, I was anchored in Business Finance, supporting our Agriculture and Biofuel business and focusing on financial reporting and the sales process. The majority of my time was spent facilitating the budget process for our Animal Health and Nutrition market. This rotation focused on learning to efficiently drive a budget process and take the role of a business and sparring partner, and how to challenge our customers and sales organization to ensure a solid budget and forecast for next year's sales.

5 Months

2nd Rotation

Research, Innovation, and Supply

My second rotation focused on the production and supply side of the business. I was involved in the cost budgeting and reporting process for the Quality, Environment, and Safety business area, and drove several business cases focused on the optimization of our production and supply process.

3 Months

3rd Rotation


For my third rotation, I was anchored in Treasury, focusing more on traditional finance, including financial risk management, credit management, and funding. In addition to being part of the daily and regular tasks, I engaged in several special projects, focusing on the financial evaluation of suppliers and evaluating the financial and operational situation of our emerging markets.

2 Months

4th Rotation

Business Finance  & Global Market Insights, Bangalore (India)

In this rotation, I went abroad to our office in Bangalore, India. I was part of the cost budgeting process for our Household Care business but also got to drive a market study focusing on the potential for use of microbial technology in cleaning and sanitation in India. This was my favorite experience during the program, as I got to engage in a project outside of finance, but also got to experience the Indian culture and build a network with my Indian colleagues.

4 Months

5th Rotation

Group Accounts

During my 5th rotation, I was part of the Consolidation team and prepared part of the financial input for our annual report. This gave me great overall insight into the financials of Novozymes, and also introduced me to accounting and all the hard work that goes into preparing input for and designing an annual report. This rotation included late nights and long hours, but also a great amount of team-work and spirit that you do not usually experience to the same degree.

6 Months

6th Rotation

Digital Transformation & Treasury (Joined)

For my 6th and final rotation, I was again anchored in Treasury. This time, however, I was on a joint rotation between Treasury and our Digital Transformation department, working on a projected focused on utilizing AI to forecast Cash flow. I got even more experience in Treasury related tasks but also learned about how new technologies and advancements can unlock great potential, including working with coding and Agile ways of managing projects.