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Frequently Asked Questions

If you did not find the answer you were looking for, please write to NZDKgraduate@novozymes.com or go to our subpage Contact. Please note: If you want to read about the specifics of the program, please visit the subpage The Graduate Program

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⦿ What formal qualifications do I need?

You must have a master’s degree with no more than 2 years of full-time work experience after graduation. Your background could be within business development, sales, finance, management, or similar.


⦿ I have not finished my degree yet, can I still apply? 

Yes, as long as you graduate no later than fall 2021.

⦿ What should I focus on in my application?

The ideal candidate is someone who can identify themselves with our values at Novozymes. You can also read some advice from current graduates on our blog.

⦿ What should I upload with my application?

Please upload your CV, cover letter, grade transcript from your master’s degree, as well as a diploma from your master’s degree, and any other documents you may find relevant.

⦿ What should I upload if I have not yet completed my degree?

We do not require that you upload your diploma if you do not have it yet. Instead, please attach an overview of your latest exam grades and then proceed with your application.

⦿ Which languages are required?

Fluency in English is a prerequisite.

⦿ In which language should I write my application?

We only accept applications in English.

⦿ When will I get a response to my application?

We will close for applications in January 2021. You may expect a response within a month after that.

⦿ What does the recruitment process entail?

Step 1: Upload application, CV, grades and diploma/exam grades in our online recruitment system.
Step 2: Before choosing the candidates for the Novozymes Graduate Assessment day we will conduct an interview in person or through Skype.

Step 3: Selected candidates will be invited to do a cognitive ability test (PLI).
Step 4: The last step in the recruitment process is the Novozymes Graduate Assessment Day where the most qualified candidates will be invited. The assessment day will be held during February or March 2021.

⦿ What is the Novozymes Assessment day and what is going to happen there?

The assessment is a one-day event where you are exposed to different challenges and asked to work both individually and/or in teams with other applicants to solve several tasks. We would like you to bring your best attitude and your sharpest skills and have fun while taking part in a friendly competition. As a candidate, you will be tested during case studies and team-building activities while also having the chance to connect with current graduates and seniors directly.

⦿ Will Novozymes help me with a visa application?

Novozymes does not offer visa sponsorships. If you wish to apply for a graduate position, we will expect you to take care of the visa work permit yourself.

⦿ Do I need to pay any fees to apply?

No – the only requirements to apply for the program are stated above.

There will not be any fees to pay in order to apply or participate in the program.

⦿ I am not living in Denmark. Can I still apply?

As long as you are willing to relocate to Bagsvaerd/Lyngby and can be here on the Novozymes assessment day, you are very welcome to apply. Please note that we are not able to provide you with housing in Copenhagen.

⦿ I cannot be there on the Novozymes assessment days. Can I still apply?

The Novozymes Assessment Day is a day of intensive testing of your skills and personality both individually and/or in teams. It is an opportunity for us to get to know you personally. We need you to participate to be properly assessed together with your fellow future Novozymes graduates. Therefore, it is mandatory that you are able to participate and unfortunately, we cannot accept your application if you cannot attend.

⦿ How many candidates can get in?

The number of graduates hired will be pending on the talents applying for our International Graduate programs and the needs of Novozymes. Historically we have hired up to three graduates.

⦿ If I get in when do I start? 

The next group of Novozymes Graduates will start in fall 2021.

That means you have the whole summer for yourself.

⦿ Is the Novozymes Graduate Programme paid?

The Novozymes Graduate Programme is a full-time graduate program where the graduates receive a monthly salary.

⦿ What departments/job positions would I go through?

The Novozymes Graduate Programme is highly flexible and not working along predefined tracks. We believe that we can get the best result by building on your competences so we are not defining any departments or job positions before we get to know you. It will all be decided based on the combination of your personality and expertise and our business needs.


For example, if you have an education in international business, we might place you in Business development or the Strategy Office where you can utilize your knowledge while broadening your perspective. It might also be that you want to try something new so you start in a completely different place before finding your path within Novozymes.


There are many opportunities and it is mandatory that you will go abroad for at least one rotation.

⦿ Does Novozymes pay for my relocation abroad during the program?

We pay for your relocation as an expat during one of the rotations. For the first rotation, you have to cover the costs yourself if you have to relocate to Denmark. We will support you throughout your stay in Copenhagen, but you need to find a place to live yourself.

⦿ What if I do not want to relocate to a new country during one of the rotations?

One of our main aims with the Novozymes Graduate Programme is to have an internationally mobile workforce.

Considering this, it is mandatory for all Novozymes Graduates to spend at least one of the rotations abroad.

⦿ What countries can I go to?

Where you go will depend on where we see a match between your qualities and the country's need.

⦿ What happens if I do not want to come back to Denmark after my rotation abroad?

It is only mandatory for you to spend your first rotation in Copenhagen. If you wish to specialize outside of Denmark we will aim to provide you with the possibility of consideration with our business needs.

⦿ I am specialized in XYZ. I would like to take that specialization in the third module. Can I do that in Novozymes?

We are offering a specialization in several business fields related to our business. The personal cases, however, will be decided upon personal competences and expertise. Please note that we are unlikely to be able to provide highly technical specialization.

⦿ Am I guaranteed a job when I finish the program?

After the two years, we expect that your skills and experiences will qualify you for a full-time job at Novozymes. There is no job guarantee, but due to our investment in the graduate programs, we obviously wish to find a job match.