Reflections after a rotation in the US

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Dec 2019

Reflections after a rotation in the US

International rotations are central to the International Finance Graduate Program at Novozymes, as they promote the global network in Novozymes' finance organization and provide great opportunities for rapid personal and professional growth. I just finished my international rotation and thought, I wanted to share a few observations for the curious.

I just finished my rotation in the US where I functioned as a Business Finance Partner to Supply Chain Management for the Americas, and it has been some interesting and eventful months where I learned a lot, experienced some cool stuff and had a lot of BBQ. Below I share some of my experiences, reflections, and learnings throughout my stay abroad.

Working close to the business

My previous rotations have been in our global headquarter and, despite that Novozymes provides many opportunities to visit factories, inventories, and other facilities, there is an unavoidable tendency for the physical distance between headquarter and the operational part of the business to result in a mental distance. The US headquarter, however, has production and supply chain operations on-site and you feel extremely close to the value-chain as you see the trucks leaving the site with Novozymes products to our customers. The set-up of the US headquarters also meant that my stakeholders, in the supply chain, were close by and that I was able to observe the processes I supported.

Achieving a deeper business understanding

Being close to my stakeholders meant that communication was easier and more effective, and allowed me to support more projects and deliver more value than if I had been further away. It's easier to explain yourself and understand your stakeholder when you communicate across a room than via email. Being closer to the stakeholders also meant that I was included earlier and more centrally in projects and processes, where the discussions, financial analyses and sparring taught me a lot about the operations and how to add value best.

The close proximity to my stakeholders was a great example of the 'Connect to create' value of Novozymes in practice, and it definitely helped me achieve a deeper business understanding.

Working outside of the global headquarter

As I've previously mentioned, my other rotations have been within the global Novozymes headquarter, where data and analyses more often than not are focused on a global scale. Working from headquarter has a lot to offer, but some valuable experiences and learnings are more easily achieved outside.

Working outside of the global main office and closer to the business, helped me achieve a much more granular business understanding and helped me understand some of the accounting- and operational implications of decisions made by the regional management, and how it shapes the overall development of Novozymes.

Leaving global headquarter, even just for a short-term, provide insights into the various cogs of the global machine that is vital for any holistic business understanding and will prove valuable in the long run.

Relaxing at the Riviera Maya

After some exciting months in the US, where I had the pleasure of learning so much and working with some great colleagues, I will spend a few weeks with a margarita in my hand accompanied by my girlfriend in Mexico before I head home for Christmas. As you can see below, I am of course dressed in the chicest Zymer apparel available.

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