How Doing Business In (DBI) paved my way to Novozymes

Doing Business In

Nov 2019

How Doing Business In (DBI) paved my way to Novozymes

In this blog post, I will share my journey in becoming an International Finance Graduate and how I ended up selecting Novozymes. You should read this post if you want to learn more about how current graduates at Novozymes ended up selecting the company - and why curiosity can lead you to different paths than what you expected.

I started out my education at university as part of the brand-new program at CBS in International Shipping and Trade. It was a super interesting bachelor’s program with built-in exchange and internship, but I felt that I wanted to expand my horizon on my master’s degree before selecting my career path. After being admitted to a cand.merc at CBS (Applied Economics and Finance), I came across an ad for Doing Business In in the late fall of 2017.

Doing Business In is an annual study trip and case competition arranged by DJØF, Novozymes and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). 30 selected students across all universities in Denmark join forces to explore a strategic market for Novozymes, and over the life-time of the concept, we have travelled to Brazil, US, China, India, Japan and lastly Singapore/Malaysia, which was the destination of my trip in the spring of 2018. I ended up applying, because I was mostly curious about what type of company Novozymes was, and thought it would be a good chance to get some deeper insights outside of the shipping industry.

Doing Business In 2020 takes place in Beijing. You can read more about the study trip and what you will experience here:

Two company representatives from BCG and Novozymes travelled together with us for the whole trip. On my trip, I had the pleasure of travelling with Anders Klitholm Jessen, a former International Finance Graduate as well as Jakob Skjold-Jørgensen, who is an Industry Technology Specialist with a biotechnology background. I had plenty of opportunity to talk with both about the company culture, business strategies as well as what would be expected as an International Finance Graduate. 

Furthermore, we met many Novozymes employees at our site in Kuala Lumpur and got a unique view of a palm oil plantation in the outskirts of Malaysia. Palm oil is an important strategic opportunity for us, as our products can increase the yield significantly if used in the production - by reducing the need for land and minimizing deforestation.

We had a very interesting site visit at a palm oil plantation, where we were introduced to the origins of palm oil and the ups and downs of the oil.

I still remember how I approached Anders the first evening and straight up told him that I was super curious in learning more about the graduate program – and look where I am today! I am confident that joining Doing Business In helped me in my recruitment process for the International Finance Graduate program. Not only did the company representatives get a much better understanding of me as a person and my skillset, but I also got a great insight into the company that I would end up applying for. It made me certain that Novozymes was the right place for me, which I am sure was reflected in the final interview process.

In conclusion, joining Doing Business In is a life-time opportunity that you definitely won’t regret. It is two weeks full of intensive workshops, company visits and case competition, but it also allows plenty of time for fun times with your fellow students. Even if you do not become part of the Novozymes-family afterwards, it will give you a much greater understanding of our core products and how we are a part of the daily life of more than 5.6 billion people worldwide - every month!

If you are interested in learning more about our International Finance Graduate Program, and you are graduating in 2019 or 2020, then go to our website and read more about the program. The application window is open between 2 December 2019 and 19 January 2020.

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